New Twisted Nether Blogcast – The Original Centarion!

11 May

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I was recently asked to be a guest host on the Twisted Nether Blogcast and we recorded the episode on Saturday.  It turned out really well, although it was a bit longer than I’m used to.  I stayed for the interview portion and also decided to stay on board for the rest of the show.  A handful of people turned out to say hello on the Live Show page and engaged us in some great conversation, which I touch on throughout the episode.  All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I was so proud to be included and of how the whole thing turned out.  You can check out the recently uploaded episode here:<

Tune in to hear more about:

- My advice for up and coming bloggers
- Where the name of my blog really comes from
- My thoughts on leaving WoW for Rift or another MMO
- What snacks I absolutely must have in order to raid
- My opinions on a casual raider’s place in the blogosphere


- The one thing (or two) that I would want from Blizzard, if I could have anything from them.   

Also, check out the next episode of the Double O Podcast<, which Ophelie and I will be recording this coming Saturday.  Our featured guest host is our old friend Codi, who you may know from the Raid Warning paladin roundtable and also from her website, MoarHPS<.  The episode is tentatively titled “Let’s Get Down To Business,” and we will be discussing the business practices of the gaming companies behind the games we know and love and how we really feel they handle their business (and ours).

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    Fimlys #<

    Hey! It was great having you on the show. Lots of fun.

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    Oestrus #<

    Thank you, Fimlys! Feel free to invite me back anytime.

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    Tomaj #<


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