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Oestrus Top 4 Tips For The Newbie Blogger Initiative

17 May

I signed up to be a Sponsor as part of the Newbie Blogger Initiative earlier this month and I admit that I got sort of sidetracked between World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Magic the Gathering, and some pretty fun times in my personal life.  With that said, I did want to write some sort of post, in which I give some advice to either up and coming bloggers or bloggers who might be returning to the scene after a hiatus.  While I have covered this topic once before with Ophelie on an episode of the Double O Podcast, it still feels good to get all of this out in writing, for my own peace of mind and for those who didn’t get a chance to listen to the episode in question that we talked about most of these things on.So without further ado, here are my top 4 tips or pieces of advice for bloggers of all stripes.Find your nicheOne of the first things I always tell people who are considering starting a new blog is to make sure that they carve out a niche for themselves or that there is something about them that sets their blog apart from the rest of the pack.  For example, let’s say you want to start a new blog and you’re a resto druid.  Well, she’s a resto druid.  So is he.  And so is she.  You have to bring something more to the table than just that, otherwise you are most likely going to get skimmed over in favor of others who have been doing this much longer than you have.  If you look a little closer at the three people I just mentioned, you can find very subtle differences in their writing style, their personalities, or other topics that they choose to write about which sets them apart.  While they are all resto druids, one of them likes to roleplay and writes stories in character, the other sometimes covers personal topics and tends to skew more towards the hardcore side of raiding, while the other is usually at the forefront regarding changes to druids and spends a lot of time interacting directly with the druid community in various ways.Finding a niche or something that makes you unique will not only help define you in a sea of other bloggers, but it will also give you something else to write about when you can’t think of anything else regarding your primary topic or subject of expertise.  There will be times when there is nothing to report or when things are just sort of trucking along.  You want to make sure that you don’t spend too much time away from your blog, if this is the case, and having a secondary topic to write about can help you stay active and keep people interested in your blog during those slow periods.Saturate the marketDo you ever notice that when an actor or actress is about to break out in Hollywood that you see them everywhere you go?  They are doing handfuls of movies a year.  They are on the covers of magazines all over newsstands.  They are doing interviews on any TV or radio show that will have them.  Then once they become a bit more famous or established they start to scale it back a bit.  They do one movie a year, maybe even one movie every two years.  I tend to look at blogging the same way.When you’re just starting out in the business of blogging, like show business, nobody knows who you are.  You are but one blogger in a sea of other bloggers, all clamoring for Retweets and comments and space on other people’s blogrolls.  You have to make people see you, make them see what you are all about and exactly what you are up to.  Once you have established yourself as a presence in the community, you can start to scale it back a bit.  Post once a week.  Maybe once every two weeks.  People with established audiences can afford to take a break from time to time because they have such loyalty from their readers that they know people will wait for them to post something again.  When you are a new blogger, you don’t have that luxury.  You have to keep people’s attention on you and posting frequently is one way to do that.Dare to be differentOne of the things that attract me most to a fledgling blogger is when they take a stance on something that is different than what others feel about something.  It can be very tempting for you to want to fit in or to crave acceptance from others by falling in line with what they want you to feel or what they think you should write about.  At the end of the day, you are the one that has to be comfortable with what you choose to do with yourself and your blog.  Write about what you want to write about.  Make your blog look the way that you want it to look.  Put whomever you want to on your blogroll.  Moderate your comments as you see fit.  I think the blogosphere would be an incredibly boring place if everyone felt the same way and nobody dared to feel otherwise.  It’s important to give people some variety, in case they don’t agree with the status quo.  Who knows?  That opinion or that perspective that you feel puts you in the minority could suddenly turn into the new majority.  You never know unless you speak up or speak out.Ignore the numbersThe hardest mental road block for any blogger, new or old to overcome is most often the one involving the numbers.  It is incredibly easy to get wrapped up in the number of page views that you accumulate, the number of subscribers that you have, the number of Followers that you have on Twitter, etc.  Ignore all of it.The number one reason that I see up and coming bloggers give up on their blogs and on themselves is because they buy into the numbers.

The 4 Most Common Holy Priest Mistakes

15 Feb

Whenever I write a post about being a healing priest, or more specifically a holy priest, I try really hard not to tell people what to do.  I try not to make it seem as if there is only one right way to do things.  Most of the advice that I give is meant to be taken as a suggestion or as something that I know has worked for me and that could possibly work for you.

Oestrus Comprehensive Holy Priest Guide – Version 4.3

27 Jan

Welcome to my comprehensive holy priest guide for patch 4.3.  All of the information contained within this post is current, as of the most recent tier of content, which includes the recently released Dragon Soul instance.Please keep in mind that anything I talk about here or that I suggest are things that have worked for me or other priests that I communicate with and that they may not necessarily work for you.  What matters more than anything else is being able to admit that something is not working for you.  If you are doing something that is a bit outside the box and you are genuinely seeing results with it – meaning that your mana bar is not always running on empty, you are keeping up the people you are assigned to heal, etc.

Understanding Heart Of Unliving

25 Dec

As mentioned in my updated loot listing for patch 4.3, Heart of Unliving is widely believed to be one of the best in slot trinkets for healing priests.  However, it wasnt always that way.  Lets take a look at how far Heart of Unliving has come, since it was first made available on the PTR, and just what exactly you can and should do with it.What is Heart of Unliving?Heart of Unliving is an epic quality trinket, which comes from the Spine of Deathwing encounter, in Dragon Soul.

Doing The Math Behind The Hyjal Rep Trinkets

14 Nov

When you achieve Revered status with the Avengers of Hyjal faction, you are able to purchase 5 new trinkets from Naresir Stormfury, the Quartermaster for that particular faction in the Molten Front.  Only 2 of these trinkets seem geared for casters and while they may not seem to be the obvious upgrades that the trinkets directly from the Firelands instance are, they are still worth taking a look at and possibly even equipping.Lets take a look at how the Fiery Quintessence and the Rune of Zeth stack up against each other.  Are they worth taking?  Why or why not?The real difference between these two trinkets is not the amount of consistent stats that you get from them – the 383 Spirit from the Quintessence and the 383 Critical Strike from the Rune – but the amount of Intellect that you get from the on-use effect, the duration of the effect, and the cooldown of each trinket.  These three factors are what set these trinkets apart from one another and will help you decide which one is right for you.  The initial stats that they come with will play a part in this decision, but not nearly as much as the on-use effect will.Lets start off with exploring the proc a bit further.The Quintessence gives you 1149 Intellect for 25 seconds, with a 1 minute and 30 second cooldown.  From looking at the logs for my groups collective boss kills in Firelands, the average boss fight lasts about 5 minutes.  Using a formula that I picked up from the forums over at AskMrRobot, we will take a look at how much overall Intellect that proc will give you, if used properly.4 x 25 / 300 = 33%We will start by converting a 5 minute boss fight into seconds, which is 300 seconds.  Assuming that you use the Quintessence on the pull, you will then be able to use it at the 90 second mark, the 180 second mark, and the 270 second mark.  The fight will end at 300 seconds, meaning it will end before your next chance to use the trinket, which would be at the 360 second mark.  Overall, you will be able to use the trinket 4 times.  The buff that you receive from the Quintessence lasts 25 seconds.  So, the formula goes like this:# of times the trinket is used x  duration of the effect / duration of the fight, in seconds = percentage of overall Intellect gained over the course of an encounterThe on-use effect from the Quintessence gives you 1149 Intellect.  33% of this is 379 Intellect (rounded down).  So, if you use the trinket when you are supposed to, you can expect to have an average 379 Intellect, overall on a 5 minute encounter.  This gives you more Intellect than other trinkets with a flat amount of Intellect on them, like the Darkmoon Card: Tsunami or the Vibrant Alchemist Stone, and even comes close to giving you the same amount of Intellect as newer trinket, such as the Jaws of Defeat or the Eye of Blazing Power.Those calculations were for what is considered to be a short fight.  Lets see how the Fiery Quintessence stacks up on a longer fight, like on Ragnaros.  Our average attempts on Ragnaros lasted about 9 minutes, which converts to 540 seconds.  I would use the trinket at the pull, then at the 90 second mark, the 180 second mark, the 270 second, the 360 second, and the 450 second.  Because the fight would presumably end at the 540 second mark, I will assume that I wont pop the trinket at that point, because the fight will already be over and I should have to do too much healing at that point.  So, I will be using the trinket 6 times on the Ragnaros encounter.  The formula will now look like this:6 x 25 / 540 = 27%1149 x 27% = 310 IntellectOn a longer fight, the amount of overall Intellect was much less than most trinkets that you would otherwise have available to you, even ones from a tier behind the current one.  So, for Ragnaros, I would probably use one of my other trinkets instead of this one.  If Im healing a shorter encounter, like Alysrazor or Bethtilac, I would probably use the Fiery Quintessence, but not for longer encounters that could go well beyond 5 or 6 minutes or even up to 9 or 10 minutes.We have seen what the Fiery Quintessence can do and how much it can help you on shorter encounters, but what about the Rune of Zeth?  Does the fact the Rune of Zeth gives you more Intellect make it more desirable than the Quintessence?  Lets crunch those numbers and see! While the Rune of Zeth may give you 1277 Intellect, over the Quintessences 1149, the on-use effect only lasts for 15 seconds, instead of 25 seconds.  The Rune also comes with a one minute cooldown, as opposed to the 90 second cooldown from the Quintessence.  Because of these things, the formula is going to look a bit different.  Assuming that we have the Rune of Zeth equipped, instead of the Fiery Quintessence, on a 5 minute fight, the formula will look like this:5 x 15 / 300 = 25%You would use the Rune immediately on the pull, then at the 60 second mark, the 120 second, the 180 second, and the 240 second mark.  Again, the fight would end at the 300 second mark, and you would probably not need to pop the trinket and continue healing once the fight is over.  You would get to use the Rune 5 times during this encounter.  5 times, multiplied by the 15 second duration of each effect, divided by the 300 second duration of the encounter gives you 25% of the on-use effect in Intellect, overall.1277 x 25% = 319 IntellectAs you can see, this is much less than what the Fiery Quintessence would give you, on a fight that lasts for the same amount of time.  You were getting more Intellect with each use and you were able to use the trinket one more time, but the duration of the effect was 10 seconds shorter each time.  This led to a lower uptime of the buff being active, which cut into your overall Intellect gained.  Now, lets see how the Rune of Zeth works on a longer fight, like our 9 minute Ragnaros encounter.You would use the Rune of Zeth on the pull, then at the 60 second mark, the 120 second, the 180 second, the 240 second, the 300 second, the 360 second, the 420 second, and the 480 second mark.  The fight would end at 540 seconds and the trinket should not need to be popped again.  This means you would be able to use the Rune of Zeth 9 times on a 9 minute encounter.  Your formula should look like this:9 x 15 / 540 = 25%Interesting.  You still get 25% of the Intellect from the Rune of Zeths on-use effect during a 9 minute encounter, as you would during a 5 minute encounter.  That would give you 319 Intellect, as opposed to the 310 Intellect you would get from the Fiery Quintessence on the same fight.  While both are still well below what other trinkets can give you, the Rune of Zeth would give you more in this situation.What I choose to take away from this is that in terms of raw Spell Power, the Fiery Quintessence appears to be better, but only for fights with a short duration.  Longer fights will not give you the overall Intellect that other trinkets would and would result in a loss of Spell Power.  If youre looking at either of these two trinkets for regen purposes, its safe to say that discipline priests will probably want the Rune of Zeth (as the slightly larger amount of Intellect on there will help them with Rapture, which is based on your total amount of mana at the time) and holy priests would want to stick with the Fiery Quintessence (as we get more from raw Spirit, due to Holy Concentration).While there are certainly better trinkets in Firelands, itself and even in the up coming Dragon Soul raid, it never hurts to keep your options open and to swap out trinkets, as needed between fights.  Until I can get my hands on better, I have no problem equipping a Fiery Quintessence and seeing what kind of results I can produce.  Hopefully, Ive given you all something to think about and maybe you will even consider trying one of these wonderful trinkets out, the next time you swing by the Avengers of Hyjal Quartermaster.A huge thank you to the folks over at AskMrRobot, for the fantastic information and formulas that were given on the thread that I linked above.  Feel free to give their site a try sometime an
d see how your gear and build look, according to their calculations.  You just might be surprised at what you find there.  I know I was!

Choosing The Right Consumables For A Healing Cleric

2 Sep

As I may or may not have mentioned, I specifically play a healing cleric. I do have a DPS spec, for when I’m soloing or doing dailies. But the thing I enjoy doing the most is healing and so starting with this post, I’m going to focus more on that instead of tanking or doing [...]

Understanding Serendipity

21 Jul

Serendipity is a talent in the holy tree that I feel a lot of priests take without realizing how important it is or how much they can get out of it. I have always had a great appreciation for Serendipity and I thought I would take the time to explain just how this talent works and how you can get the most out of it, too.What is Serendipity?Serendipity is a 15 point talent in the holy tree that gives you a buff that stacks up to two times when you use Binding Heal or Flash Heal.

Entering The Heartsong Vs. Power Torrent Debate

18 Jul

To some extent, the debate over whether Heartsong or Power Torrent is better for holy priests is like comparing apples and oranges.  It doesnt change the fact that this is one of the most hotly debated topics in the priest community.I have always stayed out of this discussion, because I felt like I didnt have enough of an understanding of the issue to properly talk about it.  However, with the impending loss of spirit that Im facing by picking up Firelands gear and by breaking my T11 bonus, I have been dwelling on this topic a lot more.  Since I know Im not the only one thinking about this, I figured I would share my findings here and what Im ultimately choosing to go along with.In order to determine which enchant is a better choice for you, we need to first determine what it is that you are looking for or what you feel you need more of.Heartsong has a chance to give you 200 spirit for 15 seconds when casting spells.  Keep in mind that spirit is purely a regen stat.  It does not give you any increases to your spell power or to your mana pool.Power Torrent has a chance to give you 500 intellect for 12 seconds when casting spells.  Intellect serves a number of purposes.  Each point of intellect after the first 10 increases your mana pool by 15.  It also increases your spell power, at a rate of 1 spell power per point of intellect.Spirit and intellect both factor into the formulas for in combat and out of combat mana regen.In CombatBase mana regen + % of spirit based regen from Meditation & Holy Concentration x 0.016275 x spirit x square root of the total amount of intellectPriests have a base mana regen of 1029.5 every 5 seconds.  Meditation gives you 50% of your spirit based regen while in combat.  Holy Concentration increases this amount by an additional 30%.  Currently, I have 2509 spirit and 5415 intellect.  The square root of 5415 is 73.59.1029.5 + 0.80 x 0.016725 x 2509 x 73.59Next, we do our math from left to right, starting with the multiplication.  The final numbers will always be rounded down, for the purpose of these calculations.1029.5 + 0.01338 x 2509 x 73.591029.5 + 33.57042 x 73.591029.5 + 2470.4 = 3499Out of CombatBase mana regen + 0.016725 x spirit x square root of the total amount of intellect1029.5 + 0.016725 x 2509 x 73.591029.5 + 41.963025 x 73.591029.5 + 3088.1 = 4117These figures show what my regen would look like without any of the enchants mentioned above and without any party or raid buffs.  Now lets take a look at what my in combat regen would look like if I had a Heartsong or Power Torrent enchant on my weapon and the enchant procs.  Im choosing to go with in combat regen here because I dont feel these enchants would have as much weight if you were standing still and not in combat.In Combat (Heartsong)1029.5 + 0.8 x 0.016725 x 2709 x 73.591029.5 + 0.01338 x 2709 x 73.591029.5 + 36.24642 x 73.591029.5 + 2667.4 = 3697In Combat (Power Torrent)1029.5 + 0.8 x 0.016725 x 2509 x 76.911029.5 + 0.01338 x 2509 x 76.911029.5 + 33.57042 x 76.911029.5 + 2581.9 = 3611As you can see, the difference is quite miniscule.  You are getting more regen from a 15 second Heartsong proc than you would from a 12 second Power Torrent proc, but not by much.  The Power Torrent proc also temporarily increases your spell power by 500 and the size of your mana pool by 7500.  So it could be argued which enchant youre really getting more out of.  Heartsong is great for regen, but only regen.  Power Torrent may increase your regen by a smaller amount, but also buffs your character in other ways.One way that you can close the gap between Power Torrent and Heartsong is by timing a Power Torrent proc with your Shadowfiend.  Shadowfiend restores 3% of your total mana with each strike and usually strikes a target 10 times.  If you have a larger mana pool, Shadowfiend will give you back more mana.  This is one of the big reasons that Shadowfiend works so well with Hymn of Hope, which also temporarily increases the size of your mana pool.  Lets see how much mana Shadowfiend would return to you, using my unbuffed mana pool as an example.103,122 mana x 3% = 3093 returned per swing3093 x 10 swings from Shadowfiend = 30,930Now, with the temporary boost to my mana pool from Power Torrent103,122 + 7500 = 110,622110,622 x 3% = 3318 returned per swing3318 x 10 = 33,180Power Torrent clearly came out ahead on that one.  Keep in mind that this is only if you use your Shadowfiend when you have a active proc from Power Torrent.  If you time it wrong, you wont see the increased returns.  This may require you to have Power Auras set up to indicate that you have the proc active and that it would be a good time to use your Shadowfiend.  Feel free to use this export, from Rezznul over at the Red Noob Diaries.Version:4.21; icon:Ability_Paladin_SacredCleansing; buffname:Power Torrent; x:80; texture:54; alpha:0.85; owntex:true; exact:true; size:0.19; randomcolor:true; y:-142; timer.a:0.85; timer.enabled:true; timer.Relative:BOTTOM; timer.x:-8So which one am I going to choose?For now, Im going with Heartsong.  I feel that Power Torrent is great, but it requires too many things to happen in order for it to be effective.  Heartsong gives me consistent regen and I dont have to rely on my Shadowfiend to make it shine.  Shadowfiend has never been completely dependable and I dont feel comfortable relying on that to make Power Torrent work for me.  I realize that I am giving up a slight spell power boost and an increase to the size of my mana pool by not using Power Torrent, but I am prepared to get that intellect in other ways (i.e.

Why Its A Good Time To Be Guildless

27 Jun

I look at guilds the way that I look at relationships.  You see a lot of people who stay in relationships they know theyre not happy being in because they are afraid to be alone.  They dont know what to do with themselves when theyre single or they have nobody to call their own.  So they stay, they take bad treatment and they take being ignored.  They settle for people who dont understand them.  These people try and try, but nothing ever changes.Those who arent afraid of being alone dont fear such things.  They wont stick around and settle for being treated badly,  They know their worth.  They dont have that threat hanging over their heads of waking up to an empty bed or having nobody to walk side by side with them when they walk down the street.  When you dont fear that, you will put up with less.  You will know what you deserve and you wont hesitate to look for it.The same goes with guilds.  You hear stories all the time of My guild doesnt want to take an enhancement shaman, so they made me go resto.  Or This person is really bothering me and the officers just wont do anything about it.  And finally, We have hit a wall, regarding our progression and I dont see my guild ever recovering from it.You might stay for any number of any reasons.  Maybe you have a long history with these people and you have been through thick and thin with them.  Maybe personal loyalty is a factor, either because these are real life friends of yours or you have been gaming for a long time together.  Or youre staying out of guilt, because you know if you left they may not be able to replace you and they may hate you for leaving.None of those reasons are worth sticking around and being miserable.So you have reached the point where you know what you need to do, but you just dont know how to do it or what is waiting for you on the other side.  You may be thinking to yourself, Oh God.  Who is going to want a ____ that is only ____ in progression and who is wearing ___ iLevel gear?  Lots of people!  Let me give you a few reasons why this is a great time to be on the hunt for a new guild.Its A Buyers Market Out ThereMany well known bloggers have written about their troubles, with regards to recruitment and how tough it is to find people to help fill their ranks.  Guilds are pursuing people more aggressively than ever before.  With just one post on the Guild Recruitment boards, I had recruitment officers sending me whispers from level 1 alts to express interest in me.  I had people throwing their contact information at me and even inviting me into their Vent channels, to sit in on their raids to get a taste of how their guilds do things.Some of the various resources you can use to find a new guild are:- PlusHeal- Looking For Guild- Elitist Jerks- Official Guild Recruitment Boards – MMO ChampionAll of the links above are working links that you can click on right now and see who is looking for what and where.  In terms of healers, I have noticed a huge demand for holy paladins and resto shaman.  Those two classes and specs have been pretty consistently in demand, since Cataclysm debuted.  I would like to say that you would have even more of a chance of getting picked up, if you were one of those two things.  Which brings me to my next point.Everybodys Got Their SomethingOne common concern that I hear from people who are thinking about leaving their guild is that theyre not sure if anybody would want them, for their particular class and spec.  While most guilds will have specific needs and they may say, We would like two fire mages, you may also see guilds that write something on their recruitment threads like All exceptional applications will be considered, or Looking for solid ranged DPS.  I would certainly keep an eye out for guilds like that.  Most recruitment officers will agree that they will take talent over a certain class.  The first guild that I raided with started off with three warlocks, no moonkin and one rogue.  Then I joined a guild that had one mage, no warlocks and one shaman.  Both guilds did incredibly well with what they had, because they were flexible with their needs and had people who filled general niches (melee DPS, ranged DPS, heals) and performed well.If all else fails, keep looking.  This brings me to my next selling point.Its Called World Of Warcraft For A ReasonWhatever you want in a guild, someone can provide that for you.  If you want to be part of a third shift guild that happens to speak French, there is one out there for you.  If you want to be in a 10 man guild that only raids on weekends, they have that, too.  There are hundreds of servers out there, with thousands of guilds looking for people just like you.  Whereas you may have settled for raiding four days a week before and you know you were sleep deprived and not doing well in your personal life because of it, take a second to think about whether you are really cut out to raid on that kind of a schedule or not.  You may not have to do that again.  Think about what you want, what youre looking for and dont settle until you find it.  Its a big world out there.  Dont be afraid to step outside and take a look around.Gear Cant Fix StupidI love hearing people that are looking for new guilds say But Im not geared enough for that!  My response to that would be, Is anyone in this game ever geared enough?  Im kidding.  What I mean by that is that gear can be fixed.  If youre using the wrong gems or enchants, we can work on that.  If you arent sure what to reforge the stats on your gear into, someone can tell you.  Odds are your new guild has had a certain shortage of a class or spec that they have been disenchanting certain kinds of loot for a while now and they may welcome the chance for someone to use it.  But guilds cant fix stupid.  They cant make people stop standing in bad.  They cant make people stop pulling threat.  They cant teach you how to use your cooldowns properly.  Thats where you come in.Lets say youre a few boss kills below where the guild youre applying to is at and your gear is in the same place, but the potential is there.  The talent is there.  The logs are there to show that you werent dying to avoidable things or that you were otherwise doing your job; most guilds will still consider your application if all you need is some upgrades.  Everything else you bring to the table can trump that.  If you were playing your character well, wearing the gear you already have, its safe to say that they can expect that same level of performance from you if they throw a couple of upgrades at you.Everyone Starts Off With A Clean SlateThe time right before a new tier of content is released is the perfect time to join a new guild, because youre all going to be learning the fights together.  One of the things that makes joining a new guild difficult is having to forget the previous strategies that you learned before and having to adapt to the way that your new guild does things.  When youre stepping foot into a new raid zone together, nobody knows what theyre doing.  Your guild most likely will not have found what works yet and when they do, you will be there to learn the strategy along with everyone else.  You wont be that odd person out saying But in my last guild, we did it like this.  Instead, you will be able to proudly say to your friends in other guilds In my guild, we do it like this.  See how much better that sounds?Also, most guilds will be resetting their DKP and EPGP numbers for the new tier.  So you shouldnt have to worry about being at the bottom of the totem pole, when it comes to loot for too long.  Of course, you will still have a shot in hell at getting the new legendary, if youre a caster.  But there should still be a number of other upgrades for you to look forward to that will seem as attainable for you as they would for more seasoned veterans of your new guild.Hopefully, if youre reading this and you are thinking about leaving your guild, then I have given you something to think about and made things seem a little less bleak than you may be imagining them to be.  If you ar
e already guildless and unsure of what to do next, I would like to think that I have given you some suggestions or some tips on how to start your journey.In any event, good luck and thanks for stopping by!

Revisiting Binding Heal & Surge Of Light

21 Jun

A short time ago, I began to wonder if Binding Heal had a higher chance of triggering Surge of Light than other spells that are included in the talent.  I set out to try and prove this, but only got so far, mostly due to my lack of experience with theorycrafting and number crunching.  While I felt like I had made some progress in proving my point, there was a lot more that could be done to make my case.Enter Velidra, a warlock blogger and acquaintance of mine that I met through Twitter.  He saw some potential in what I was doing and what I wanted to accomplish and offered his assistance with this.  Yesterday, he sent me the table below and an explanation of what he did and what the following numbers mean.Would Binding Heal trigger Surge of Light more?  Lets find out!SpellRecording statusCastsProcs% ChanceHealDone66004060.061515151515152Greater HealDone35852240.0625Flash HealDone34711960.056467876692596Binding HealDone851710640.12492661735353Binding Heal (both halves)Done1703410640.062463308676764SmiteDone45703020.066083150984683Smite + AtonementDone60763740.061553653719552Using a G19 keyboard, Velidra created a macro that would press a button (which would be tied to a corresponding heal) every 0.5 seconds until stopped.  He would then leave the keyboard and the macro running overnight or while he was at work or away from the house.  Velidra did this six times or once per spell tested.You can see from the chart which spell was used, how many times it was cast, how many times it triggered Surge of Light and the overall percentage rate of the triggered effect.  You can also see that Velidra chose to test Smite by itself and then Smite with points in Atonement (to see if the heal that comes from Smite would also have a chance to trigger Surge of Light).As expected, each heal had about the same chance of triggering Surge of Light as the others, or a 6% chance.  Its interesting to note that each half of the heal from Binding Light (because it heals 2 people) had a 6% chance to trigger Surge of Light.  This means when you combine both heals from Binding Heal into one and read the corresponding row on the table, you see a combined proc rate of 12%.Binding Heal triggered Surge of Light twice as often as the other spells listed, because it healed two people at the same time and each heal had a 6% change of triggering the Surge of Light effect.  So it would seem that my theory was correct!What does this mean?It means that we now know that there is a spell, out of the five or six that are capable of triggering Surge of Light, which has double the chance to give you a free heal that would typically be seen as expensive or inefficient if you were casting it on its own (Flash Heal).  This means that the more we use Binding Heal, the more often we will have stacks of Serendipity, which means that we could start seeing more Greater Heal usage and that Prayer of Healing can be cast more quickly and at a reduced cost.These are all potentially great things that I feel continue to give healing priests a lot more versatility.  This also gives us the opportunity to find use for spells that we typically wouldnt use, because we feel theyre not appropriate for a situation, too expensive or because they take too long to cast.  Knowing how Binding Heal ties in with Surge of Light could stand to change that and make those inefficient heals that Blizzard said we should get used to using a lot less painless and a lot more fun to use.An enormous Thank You goes out to Velidra, for coming to me with this amazing idea and taking time out of his schedule to do this, to organize the results and to explain them to me.  He deserves most of the credit for everything that you see here and I hope you all find some use in what we discovered together.  Feel free to stop by his blog sometime, if youre ever in the mood to read about all things warlock, with a side of general PVE commentary or reach out to him on Twitter.Enjoy!