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27 Nov

Im not proud of the time that I have spent in Cataclysm.Im not proud of the fact that I went through three different guilds, to get to the one that Im currently in and that I dont know how long I will remain with this one, either.  Im not proud of the fact that theres a huge three month gap in my activity, due to burnout, which led me to try other games and to pursue other avenues.

New Double O Podcast – Episode Six!

25 Jul

Fresh out of the oven, its the latest episode of the Double O Podcast!http://thedoubleopodcast.wordpress.com/2011/07/24/episode-6-o-chat-with-a-side-of-vs/Ophelie and I return and with not just one, but two special guests!  We welcome Vidyala and Vosskah, from Manalicious and Sword And Board to discuss all things related to guild leadership and raid leading.We packed a lot into this episode and covered a number of topics like recruitment struggles, social networking guidelines as a guild master and as a guild member,  guild expectations, and whether or not its a good time to be a new GM. Vidyala and Vosskah were a pleasure to have on the show and they were both extremely smart and easy to get along with.  This was our first time having two guests with us and Ophelie and I were very pleased with how it all turned out.  Please let us know what you think about this episode or previous ones, too!As always, the Double O Podcast is available on iTunes for free.  You can subscribe to us, leave a review, and download all of our episodes anytime, day or night.   If youre looking for other posts to help you get through your Monday, I would suggest the following:Cynwise addresses the scandal behind Chase Christians recent post on WoWInsider and whether or not it was really worth getting upset about.Beruthiel questions if shes ready to give up blogging just yet.    Zelmaru tackles a hidden boss in Blackwing Descent and talks about the outcome.Enjoy!

Why Its A Good Time To Be Guildless

27 Jun

I look at guilds the way that I look at relationships.  You see a lot of people who stay in relationships they know theyre not happy being in because they are afraid to be alone.  They dont know what to do with themselves when theyre single or they have nobody to call their own.  So they stay, they take bad treatment and they take being ignored.  They settle for people who dont understand them.  These people try and try, but nothing ever changes.Those who arent afraid of being alone dont fear such things.  They wont stick around and settle for being treated badly,  They know their worth.  They dont have that threat hanging over their heads of waking up to an empty bed or having nobody to walk side by side with them when they walk down the street.  When you dont fear that, you will put up with less.  You will know what you deserve and you wont hesitate to look for it.The same goes with guilds.  You hear stories all the time of My guild doesnt want to take an enhancement shaman, so they made me go resto.  Or This person is really bothering me and the officers just wont do anything about it.  And finally, We have hit a wall, regarding our progression and I dont see my guild ever recovering from it.You might stay for any number of any reasons.  Maybe you have a long history with these people and you have been through thick and thin with them.  Maybe personal loyalty is a factor, either because these are real life friends of yours or you have been gaming for a long time together.  Or youre staying out of guilt, because you know if you left they may not be able to replace you and they may hate you for leaving.None of those reasons are worth sticking around and being miserable.So you have reached the point where you know what you need to do, but you just dont know how to do it or what is waiting for you on the other side.  You may be thinking to yourself, Oh God.  Who is going to want a ____ that is only ____ in progression and who is wearing ___ iLevel gear?  Lots of people!  Let me give you a few reasons why this is a great time to be on the hunt for a new guild.Its A Buyers Market Out ThereMany well known bloggers have written about their troubles, with regards to recruitment and how tough it is to find people to help fill their ranks.  Guilds are pursuing people more aggressively than ever before.  With just one post on the Guild Recruitment boards, I had recruitment officers sending me whispers from level 1 alts to express interest in me.  I had people throwing their contact information at me and even inviting me into their Vent channels, to sit in on their raids to get a taste of how their guilds do things.Some of the various resources you can use to find a new guild are:- PlusHeal- Looking For Guild- Elitist Jerks- Official Guild Recruitment Boards – MMO ChampionAll of the links above are working links that you can click on right now and see who is looking for what and where.  In terms of healers, I have noticed a huge demand for holy paladins and resto shaman.  Those two classes and specs have been pretty consistently in demand, since Cataclysm debuted.  I would like to say that you would have even more of a chance of getting picked up, if you were one of those two things.  Which brings me to my next point.Everybodys Got Their SomethingOne common concern that I hear from people who are thinking about leaving their guild is that theyre not sure if anybody would want them, for their particular class and spec.  While most guilds will have specific needs and they may say, We would like two fire mages, you may also see guilds that write something on their recruitment threads like All exceptional applications will be considered, or Looking for solid ranged DPS.  I would certainly keep an eye out for guilds like that.  Most recruitment officers will agree that they will take talent over a certain class.  The first guild that I raided with started off with three warlocks, no moonkin and one rogue.  Then I joined a guild that had one mage, no warlocks and one shaman.  Both guilds did incredibly well with what they had, because they were flexible with their needs and had people who filled general niches (melee DPS, ranged DPS, heals) and performed well.If all else fails, keep looking.  This brings me to my next selling point.Its Called World Of Warcraft For A ReasonWhatever you want in a guild, someone can provide that for you.  If you want to be part of a third shift guild that happens to speak French, there is one out there for you.  If you want to be in a 10 man guild that only raids on weekends, they have that, too.  There are hundreds of servers out there, with thousands of guilds looking for people just like you.  Whereas you may have settled for raiding four days a week before and you know you were sleep deprived and not doing well in your personal life because of it, take a second to think about whether you are really cut out to raid on that kind of a schedule or not.  You may not have to do that again.  Think about what you want, what youre looking for and dont settle until you find it.  Its a big world out there.  Dont be afraid to step outside and take a look around.Gear Cant Fix StupidI love hearing people that are looking for new guilds say But Im not geared enough for that!  My response to that would be, Is anyone in this game ever geared enough?  Im kidding.  What I mean by that is that gear can be fixed.  If youre using the wrong gems or enchants, we can work on that.  If you arent sure what to reforge the stats on your gear into, someone can tell you.  Odds are your new guild has had a certain shortage of a class or spec that they have been disenchanting certain kinds of loot for a while now and they may welcome the chance for someone to use it.  But guilds cant fix stupid.  They cant make people stop standing in bad.  They cant make people stop pulling threat.  They cant teach you how to use your cooldowns properly.  Thats where you come in.Lets say youre a few boss kills below where the guild youre applying to is at and your gear is in the same place, but the potential is there.  The talent is there.  The logs are there to show that you werent dying to avoidable things or that you were otherwise doing your job; most guilds will still consider your application if all you need is some upgrades.  Everything else you bring to the table can trump that.  If you were playing your character well, wearing the gear you already have, its safe to say that they can expect that same level of performance from you if they throw a couple of upgrades at you.Everyone Starts Off With A Clean SlateThe time right before a new tier of content is released is the perfect time to join a new guild, because youre all going to be learning the fights together.  One of the things that makes joining a new guild difficult is having to forget the previous strategies that you learned before and having to adapt to the way that your new guild does things.  When youre stepping foot into a new raid zone together, nobody knows what theyre doing.  Your guild most likely will not have found what works yet and when they do, you will be there to learn the strategy along with everyone else.  You wont be that odd person out saying But in my last guild, we did it like this.  Instead, you will be able to proudly say to your friends in other guilds In my guild, we do it like this.  See how much better that sounds?Also, most guilds will be resetting their DKP and EPGP numbers for the new tier.  So you shouldnt have to worry about being at the bottom of the totem pole, when it comes to loot for too long.  Of course, you will still have a shot in hell at getting the new legendary, if youre a caster.  But there should still be a number of other upgrades for you to look forward to that will seem as attainable for you as they would for more seasoned veterans of your new guild.Hopefully, if youre reading this and you are thinking about leaving your guild, then I have given you something to think about and made things seem a little less bleak than you may be imagining them to be.  If you ar
e already guildless and unsure of what to do next, I would like to think that I have given you some suggestions or some tips on how to start your journey.In any event, good luck and thanks for stopping by!


13 Jun

This is a story about balls. Those who have them, those who dont have any and those who have too much of them.Our story begins at Heroic Nefarian, of course.  My guild was just coming off an amazing Tuesday night, where we had cleared all of the Heroic modes in Blackwing Descent and regular ODS in one evening and squeezed in some great attempts on Heroic Nefarian.  We went in the next evening feeling refreshed, optimistic and ready to kick some ass.  Well, at least some of us did, anyway.Things werent going very well.  I was getting frustrated, because with the exception of one good attempt earlier in the evening, we werent doing as well as we usually do.  There was no progress being made.  I kept thinking that Firelands is less than two weeks away and we are probably not going to down this boss before it does.  That really depressed me. As I was pondering what this meant for me and mine, I noticed a message being spammed in my chat box. You receive loot: [Heavy Leather Ball]You receive loot: [Heavy Leather Ball]You receive loot: [Heavy Leather Ball]Now I know that people have accused me of not being very fun in the past.  People say Im too business or too serious and I need to lighten up a bit.  Dont get me wrong, I like to have a good time – when I feel we have earned it.  If were putzing around before Heroic Magmaw or Argaloth, I can let the hair down a bit.  We have earned the right to be a little more care free and thats a good time to be doing so.But when were on week four or even week five of wiping on the same encounter and mind you were not even wiping to Nefarian, at this point.  Were wiping to human error.  Were missing interrupts.  Were not reacting appropriately when we have Exploding Cinders.  We have DPS dying in p1 for reasons that nobody can seem to understand or pinpoint.  Thats whats killing us.  To me, thats not a reason to celebrate.  Thats not a reason to be silly and goofy.  I dont think thats funny.  In fact, I think its sad.So you can imagine how enthused I was to see that a person or people had begun throwing their balls into my bags before the pull.  One or two is cute.  Four and five stacks is obnoxious.  I asked repeatedly for whomever it was that was doing this to knock it off.  I typed it in raid chat and I asked on Vent.  I may not have asked politely, but I did ask for them to stop. Anyone who knows me knows that I do what I say and I say what I mean.  If I say stop, it means stop.  I meant it the first time and I will mean it every time that I say it afterwards.  I dont know if they didnt think I was serious or what, but I was.  All that energy that was spent throwing crap into my bags was certainly not being directed towards the raid, otherwise we wouldnt be facing closing out yet another week without downing Heroic Nefarian.  Of all the things that person could be doing, they were choosing to waste their energy filling up my bags with useless crap. And with that, I left the raid, disconnected from Vent and said in guild chat that whoever it was that was doing that could heal, because I sure wasnt going to do it anymore.  I found out a short time later that they managed to get Nefarian down to 16% (our best attempt to date) after I left, because they were down to six healers and having more DPS in the raid made a huge difference.  So at least something good did come out of the evening.I spent the next few days waiting for some kind of fallout to happen and nothing did.  There were a few passive-aggressive jabs at me on the forums, but I had yet to receive an actual direct response to what I did.  There were no angry direct messages from any of the officers.  No furious in game mails telling me where to shove my guild bank donations.  I logged on the next morning to find I was still in the guild and still had my raider status.  I couldnt possibly have gotten away with this.  Or could I?On Friday afternoon, I came home to find an e-mail from one of our officers, asking if he could talk to me off the record about some things.  I really didnt want to, but I figured I would keep an open mind and see what he had to say.  There was talk of me having to make a public apology to the raid for insulting them with my actions.  You know what I find insulting?  People who dont have their DBM or Big Wigs configured to alert them properly of when they have Exploding Cinders or people who dont even have DMB or Big Wigs or something like that functioning in their interface.  Thats insulting.I find people who show up week after week and make the same mistakes, without ever doing anything to improve upon them and learn from their mistakes insulting.  I find people who cant be bothered to run back to the instance in a timely manner and who make us have to buff the raid again and again insulting.  I find people who cant click the damn Lightwell or use Healthstones or Stoneform or any other defensive cooldowns that they have to keep themselves alive on a fight where survival is key to be insulting.Wheres my public apology?I spent the weekend hanging out with friends and received a message from one of our officers, with a few words from the GM attached.  He stated that he wanted to talk to me at some point and that we actually needed to talk.  I informed the GM that I had Ophelie staying with me this weekend and that I felt anything we needed to discuss could be done through e-mails or private messages on the forums.  I wasnt going to have Ophelie sitting in my living room and watching movies on her laptop, while my GM and I duke it out on Vent. There is one major thing a GM can say to me or insinuate to make me leave me them and my GM had said exactly that.  Anytime the words really want to be here come up in conversation, I start packing my bags and walking out the door.  I am the last person that anyone can ever ask that question to.  If you have to ask me whether or not I really want to be in your guild, then you obviously havent been paying attention.  I shouldnt have to convince someone that I want it bad enough for them to keep me or for me to stay.  I shouldnt have to have that hanging over my head, like If you really want to be here, you will do this. I logged on and left the guild shortly after that.  I logged out of my profile on the boards and havent looked back.  I spent the weekend leveling my Night Elf mage and having a great time being away from the computer.  I have had an offer or two to join other guilds, but for the most part the pickings are slim.  I really dont want to throw myself at the mercy of the Guild Recruitment boards and deal with the trolls that came around last time.  Most of the guilds Im seeing are looking for holy paladins or resto shaman.  Nobody out there is really looking for a holy priest. So Im looking, but not too aggressively.  I kind of like the idea of a break before Firelands and Lord knows I have posts I want to get churned out before the next patch hits.  Im a little mad at myself that Im back here again, guild hopping like I was in Wrath.  But I think its different this time.  Im not sure how, but it is.  I just have to do the right thing and I feel I did that.  I know I did that. And that my friends takes balls.


24 Mar

After giving it a lot of thought and careful consideration, I have decided which guild I am going to join, following my recent departure from my previous guild.  The last few days have been nothing short of a blur.  I was very fortunate to have met a number of wonderful people who were kind enough to invite me into their Vent servers and their guild forums, answered my questions and asked me some great ones in return, and who were not put off by an anonymous forum troll trying to embarass me or make me look bad. I wanted to do something to show my thanks and I certainly dont have the time to thank them all individually.  So what I have decided to do is to use my blog to advertise these guilds in return for their people either responding to my thread on the Guild Recruitment boards or for going the extra mile to reach out to me personally (either in game or with a one on one conversation in Vent).Each of these guilds are incredible finds and they are all on the lookout for some great new talent.  Some are in desperate need of healers.  Others have a greater need for tanks and DPS, but would not turn down a strong healer applicant.  I encourage anyone who is curious to see what else is out there to check out any of the guilds listed below and see if they could be a good fit for you.The full list of guilds that I would like to thank and support, after the jump.Guild: Arx DeorumRealm:  (A) WindrunnerSeeking:  1 DPS, 1 healer and 1 tankWebsite:  http://arx-deorum.blogspot.com Guild:  BaneRealm:  (A) AntonidasSeeking:  Core healer, preferably a priestWebsite:  http://theguildbane.guildlaunch.com Guild:  Stay Hungry Stay FoolishRealm:  (A) CenariusSeeking:  Everything, with an emphasis on a holy priest and a DK tankWebsite:  http://stayhungrystayfoolish.guildlaunch.com Guild:  TribeRealm:  (H) BloodhoofSeeking:  EverythingWebsite:  http://tribegaming.com Guild:  KarmaRealm:  (A) EonarSeeking:  1 druid tank, 1 marksman/survival hunter, 1 holy paladin & 1 holy priestWebsite:  http://karmaeonar.wowstead.com Guild:  PrimeRealm:  (A) YseraSeeking:  Healers, with an emphasis on druid and priests.  Ranged DPS, with an emphasis on mages, shadow priests and moonkinWebsite:  http://prime.guildlaunch.com Guild:  Carpe DiemRealm:  (A)  Zul’jinSeeking:  Everything except tanksWebsite:  http://carpediem.invisionzone.com/index.php? Guild:  Chain PullRealm:  (H) NazgrelSeeking:  1 holy paladin, 1 holy priest and 1 resto druidWebsite:  www.chain-pull.com Guild:  Cohors PraetoriaRealm:  (A) Vek’nilashSeeking:  UnspecifiedWebsite:  http://www.cohorspraetoria.com/forum/portal.php Guild:  ParadoxumRealm:  (H) Anub’arakSeeking:  EverythingWebsite:  http://www.guild-paradoxum.us Guild:  Decidedly UncouthRealm:  (A) Bleeding HollowSeeking:  EverythingWebsite:  http://decidedlyuncouth.com/ Guild:  The CovenantRealm:  (A) EitriggSeeking:  1 holy priest and 1 shaman (unspecified)Website:  http://thecovguild.dkpsystem.com Guild:  CoreRealm:  (A) GreymaneSeeking:  DK or druid tanks and healing priests (either spec)Website:  http://coreofgreymane.com Guild:  IntegrityRealm:  (A) BaelgunSeeking:  EverythingWebsite:  http://integritybaelgun.guildomatic.com/ Guild:  ParalysisRealm:  (A) CenariusSeeking:  EverythingWebsite:  http://paralysis-cenarius.com Guild:  SolutionRealm:  (A) GreymaneSeeking:  1 hunter, 1 mage, 1 healing priest, 1 shadow priest, 1 resto shaman and 1 warlockWebsite:  http://forums.solution-guild.com Guild:  DesecrationRealm:  (A) DragonblightSeeking:  1 elemental shaman, 1 warlock, 2 protection and/or retribution paladins, 1 druid tank with a DPS feral off-spec, 1 fury warrior and 1 shadow priestWebsite:  www.dbdesecration.com Guild:  E X A L T E DRealm:  (H) DarkspearSeeking:  EverythingWebsite:  www.exaltedguild.com Guild:  The Seventh CircleRealm:  (H) MalfurionSeeking:  EverythingWebsite:  http://www.seventhcircle-guild.com Guild:  SatelliteRealm:  (A) DragonblightSeeking:  1 moonkin, 1 DPS warrior (either spec), 1 retribution paladin, 1 rogue, 1 warlock, 1 resto shaman, 1 holy paladin and 1 healing priestWebsite:  http://www.satellite-guild.net/ Guild: The SunderingRealm:  (A) CenariusSeeking:  UnspecifiedWebsite:  http://www.the-sundering.com Guild:  Red Dragon SocietyRealm:  (H) BonechewerSeeking:  EverythingWebsite:  www.reddragonsociety.com And last, but certainly not least:Guild: ApotheosisRealm: (A) EldrethalasSeeking: Balance or restoration druids, healing priests, an elemental shaman and a protection warriorWebsite:  http://www.apotheosis-now.com/main/


22 Mar

In the last 30 days, I went from being one of the people in my guild who was responsible for looking for new talent in search of a home to being the new talent in search of a good home. I left my guild yesterday.Suffice it to say I will not be disclosing the reasons why publicly or for the sake of page views.  However, if you ask the forum trolls they of course seem to know more about it than I do.  Funny how that works!  What I will say is that I continue to love and be proud of Apotheosis and I will continue to support their progression and their folks in the blogosphere that helped get me where I am today.  I really would not be here without them. Things have changed quite a bit since the last time that I found myself on either side of the recruitment coin and I was pretty surprised at the current state of things.  Lets take a peek at some of the things that stood out to me during my first day of being a priest without a guild.One of the things that really struck me in my time spent on the Guild Recruitment forums was how much the balance of power has shifted.  In the past, a guild would throw up a post and eager, impressionable raiders would throw themselves at the feet of recruitment officers and beg for a chance to be taken on board and given a shot.  Now its the other way around.  Players post what they are looking for in a guild and recruitment officers or assistants fling themselves at prospective applicants, usually in the form of lengthy cut and paste advertisements about what their guilds have to offer.The whole thing seems to lack any kind of human interaction or personal touch.  Its all numbers, hours and time zones.  Tier numbers, years active and bosses downed.  Server rankings and World of Logs statistics.  Most of the time that a guild responds to someone they dont even include the applicants name.  Its just copy and paste.  It all happens so fast, too.  I had at least a half dozen responses within the first half hour of my posting.  Either I had really underestimated my value as a player or these people were in desperate need of a healing priest.By the time I got through the walls of text left on my thread and the humorous attempt by a forum troll to derail my thread my brain hurt and I decided to log on for a bit and make sure my gear was in order, because I knew all eyes were going to be on my Armory profile over the next week or so.  I wanted to make sure I didnt have any stray gems or enchants that were standing out or anything like that.Shortly after logging in, I received five whispers from various people who had seen my thread and were very interested in discussing it with me.  Some of them were people who had already left a response on the Guild Recruitment boards and others just cut out the middleman and made low level alts to come talk to me directly.  Up until this point, I never had a use for the chat feature where you can create separate windows for your whispers.  Some of these people were incredibly friendly and didnt mind answering my questions.  Others seemed pushy and acted as if they had a quota to fill or like they were going to receive some kind of commission by recruiting me and they had to push to make that big sale.One or two guilds really stuck out it in mind and I submitted applications with them.  I tend to app really well and received a half dozen replies by the time I went to sleep.  I really like this guild, from what I have seen of them so far.  They have a nice website, they seem friendly and still focused on serious progression.  Their questions for me were well thought out and very valid inquiries.  I decided that I would spend the week apping to various guilds that caught my eye and doing interviews, with the goal of deciding where I will go by Monday.  I think not raiding for anything longer than a week would give me withdrawal symptoms and I dont want that.  I truly love what I do and I cant wait to get back to that routine again.Even though I never thought I would be back in this position again, Im determined to make the most of it and to find the right fit for me.  I did it once before and I believe I can do it again.  I have learned a lot in my travels and Im still learning.  I wholeheartedly believe that a guild can be everything you want it to be and you just have to look around to find that right one.  Im not perfect and I certainly dont expect my guild to be. But you cant blame a girl or a guild for trying.


16 Feb

This morning, a new blue post debuted that highlighted some incoming changes to healers and immediately sent players into a frenzy of discussion.  Regarding priests:The cost of Power Word: Shield is being increased by 33%. While we wanted Discipline priests to be able to utilize this spell more often and with better results, we also did not want it to be the main spell (and often the only spell) used while in groups.

Phased Out

30 Jul

A much lighter and more fun Weekend Phone Post – talking about the cold that I am currently fighting, about beating the cold on Heroic Sindragosa and dealing with the potential cold shoulder I could be facing by letting down my current guild or the guild I have apped to that are eagerly awaiting my response and/or membership. Im in a very good place, right now and I hope this post reflects that and that someone gets a laugh or two from it. Thanks for listening!  Download: audio-post-2010-07-31-04-37-33.mp3


29 Jul

It was bound to happen.I have been working very hard lately, trying to rebuild our raiding core after a recent schism that left us a few bodies short and from dealing with attendance issues, which are leaving us with a very unpredictable group of people to work with on any given night.  I have been writing recruitment posts on the forums, I have been bumping posts.  I have been conducting Vent interviews and the WoW equivalent of background checks. It started off as just something I was doing for research purposes.  I wanted to see how other guilds handled their recruitment posts and then I could base mine off of something similar.  The first thing I noticed, from spending so much time around recruitment threads, is that there is a study of extremes going on.  The guilds that are actively looking for new raiders are either 11/12 hard modes in ICC or they’re not.  There really isn’t any middle ground there.  I see that good DPS is a hot commodity – specifically hunters, mages and rogues.  There weren’t many guilds that were looking for healers and if they were, it was mostly discipline priests and resto shamans that seemed to be in demand.  Nobody seemed to be in need of a resto druid. Lately, I have been having doubts that my guild can recover from the recent changes that have taken place.  We have always had our ups and downs and I’ve always had a feeling that we could get through things and that there was still potential there.  I would look at the pieces of the puzzle and still see the picture on the box that could be formed, if we put the pieces together the right way.  I don’t see that anymore.  Our realm has a lot to do with it.  The talent pool is extremely small and our server isn’t enough of a draw to attract much off-realm talent – especially on the Horde side.  We’re losing more bodies than we can bring in and currently we’re 4th on the realm, for our faction.  We were optimistic that with some re-forming, we could kill the Lich King and try for 1st or 2nd place.  Those chances are gone and 3rd place is still a possibility or it looks like we will remain stuck in 4th, until Cataclysm. I don’t see that happening.  I don’t feel we have the leadership or the strong officer core to see us through this.  That’s something I absolutely need in a guild.  I need a solid foundation – especially in times like this.  We’re down to a GM, a co-GM and a healing lead.  Both GMs are extremely busy with real life affairs and I don’t feel their hearts are entirely in this.  I feel like I’m the only one really trying to make things work.  I have expressed these concerns to the GM and he seems to think there is still some good here.  I can’t say I feel the same.  I told him I had begun apping to other guilds, to see if there was even any demand for me and that it wasn’t a done deal yet.  I was simply exploring other opportunities. I tend to app really well and I placed two applications last night and had a Vent interview with one guild, mere hours after I applied.  They were very nice to me and I had a good feeling from talking to them.  Initially, they didn’t seem too thrilled with me and I thought it was a sign I shouldn’t get too full of myself and just stay where I’m at.  But my application soon attracted a lot of views and I was talking with the GM a short time later.  It’s not a guaranteed spot.  It would be where I come and do a few runs with them, they see what I can do and if they like me, I’m in.  They feel that I know what I’m talking about, as a resto druid, that I have potential and that I’m someone they could invest some gear into (because I haven’t seen any 25 man hard modes) and possibly give them a good return on their investment.  They actually had their hearts set on a resto shaman – but felt I could maybe fill that void, instead.I told them that I wanted a few days to think about it and I am – I really am.  I know if I leave my current guild, I have to leave and not come back.  I came crawling back too many times and I think part of them thinks that I’m really not going anywhere and that I’ll always be back.  They have been good to me – I can’t say that I have been mistreated or that it’s anything personal.  I know it always ends up being personal and I can’t make people feel otherwise.  I know that I have sort of integrated myself into the guild so much that it would be hard to leave people, if only on a personal level.  It just felt good to be around like minded people again, who want to progress and have a focus and an understanding of rules and consequences and people earning their keep and things like that.  I miss those core values and that foundation that I simply don’t have right now. In the past, I know I have been quick to leave a guild and there have been times I didn’t make things any easier on myself.  I own that.  I really am trying, though, with this one.  I’m trying my ass off.  I don’t feel like I would be leaving and that I didn’t give it my best shot.  I feel I have learned a lot from my experiences in my WoW career and that I could really do things right this time.  If I did end up going over there and it didn’t work out – maybe I could just take a break until Cataclysm and then come back.  I would certainly have enough to do in my career and my real life to keep me busy and I have a healthy supply of alts I could enjoy until then. Hm.  What to do – what to do.

War Of Words

24 Jul

This weekends audio post consists of my opinions on relationships in the game and how things that shouldnt become personal and can all too easily become that way.  Of course, I talk about Codi and recent happenings on her site and my paralyzing fear of the Blizzard forums and the highs and lows of WoW drama and friendships… and even more than friendships that can happen in the game. Download: audio-post-2010-07-25-00-26-36.mp3